About parentsIN

No one should have to choose between
career or family

Our Promise

We’re committed to empower parents live career and family together, better.

Informed Decisions

We are overloaded with information but finding evidence-based support is time consuming an requires in average 24 hours per week of scrolling in different channels.

We empower parents to make informed decisions faster: finding support in challenging moments, solutions with the right match, or parents-friendly employers for the next career step.

Never alone again

Parenthood loneliness is higher than ever affecting 1 in 3 parents, and 8 in 10 MOMs, compromising self-confidence, mental health and increasing vulnerability, depression and parental burn-out.

We offer a companion for parents always available to talk and support career/family integration daily challenges that values their unique way of parenting respecting values and priorities.

Parents-Friendly Ecosystem

Parents have spending power of $2.4 trillion annually which can be invested in socially responsible parent-friendly companies that promote career and family integration.

We select partners committed to parents-friendly practices and policies to support employees in managing their professional responsibilities in harmony with active and present parenting. Your purchasing power boosting a parents-friendly workplace.

Since 2019, the leading destination for parents looking for insights to live career and family together, better

We’ve started bringing momsback

Partnering with parents-friendly employers

We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

parentsIN signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles, a UN Women & Global Compact platform and we follow its guidelines in designing solutions to support companies in implementing well-being strategies to support career and family integration, impacting the Sustainable Development Goals 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12.

Is your company Parents-Friendly?

The values that moves us


Care is presence, is love. But it is also a job that demands time, knowledge and investment. We are here to make care a collective and gender-free collective investment.

People First

We don’t think about talent, titles , candidates, resumes, managers or customers. We think about people, we connect people that share values to empower them. Your well-being first.

Breaking stereotypes

Both at home and at work, we question cognitive biases to re-calibrate how the next generation will think about equal opportunities.


Successes and failures, good and bad news we share openly. We transparently show our vulnerability to create relationships based on trust. It makes us stronger.

Where we come from
and were we go

We are multicultural

We come from different corners of the world, speak different languages (sometimes at the same time). Our looks, cultures, experiences are diverse, but we share the same passion for everything together and mixed.
We believe in the power of this diversity as the secret sauce for our creativity.

We were born in the digital age

We are engaged, committed and because we have strong ethical values we came to break the status quo to build a better and more collaborative world (we believe in genuinely human collaboration like no other generation).

Passion for learning

We are constantly learning and this is the fuel for our creativity and our enthusiasm for innovation. We are creative, we like conversations, we don’t like titles or boxes, we are focused, determined and agile. We value the journey, the lessons learned and the advances.

And we became parents

….sleepless nights, months, maybe years and that’s how we discovered that our source of energy was even more inexhaustible.

We believed we were super moms and super dads

But with time, information and many conversations (we like to talk) we became aware little by little (yes, it was slowly) of the stereotypes and practices that needed to be broken and renewed.
And the revolution started at home.

We redefine our superpowers

Each time we look at our kids, we renew our conviction that taking care of them and facilitate their discovery of the world is the most important work: because our example teaches and can recalibrate what the next generation will think on gender equity and equal opportunities.

Being present in the children’s routine is a privilege for few.

Many of us are force to choose between parenting or career: some spend hours away from home working tirelessly and when they return, they are exhausted and with no energy for parenting; and the others, mostly moms, cover this absence by caring without rest, limiting autonomy, professional career and social life.

Care for an active parenting is an human capital investment
for the future

Investing in care for an active parenting is a strategic factor for valuing human capital, reducing social deficits and strengthening the economy.
Be an active parent needs to be a value (not a barrier) and should be gender-free investment.

Living career and family together
is a competitive advantage

In an increasingly technological world, being human is the advantage.
Living career and family together is an engine that boosts our creativity and competitiveness.

We choose both.
And you?